Family ties. . . an adoption story


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The update

Here it is, a few years after the meeting.
I will say, that I thank God for giving me the desire to meet my family.  We got along great. . for a while.
Don't get me wrong, I would love to have a close relationship with the maternal side, but, I do not like games, nor drama, so, I had to close the chapter on that side.   Life is too short.
My paternal side, that is a different story in itself.  I am very close to my Aunt Sharon Sturgill and cousin Sherry, we talk and text frequently. 
I am pondering turning this website off, as it does cost to keep it going.  I have decided to renew it one last time, and then, it will be pulled from the internet.
Yes, life is precious, family is all you have, so be careful how you treat them.
I do not have any regrets in meeting the family.
In one respect, I have a wonderful brother whom I am very close with.  As a matter of fact, he called me twice today!   (and who also shares my feelings about the family)
There are not any ill wishes for them, only pray that they get their heads straight, wish it was sooner and not later.
So, those are my thoughts. . .
I pray life is all you want it to be.

Email me your thoughts on closing this website down.